Valley of the Temples

Valley of the Temples Agrigento Sicily

if you are passing to Agrigento, be sure to visit the beautiful valley of the temples, which brings you back to the times of Magna Graecia.In 1998, UNESCO has recognized this magnificent archaeological site as a world heritage site.The temples are all facing east to ensure that the rising of the sun radiates the statue of the deity inside the temple.Temple of Heracles or Hercules, is the oldest temple is dated 510 to.c which only a few remnants remain.This impressive building remain only 9 columns in front of the 38 original.the merit of its present appearance goes to the English captain hardcaste that has raised the temple of Concord in 1922, almost intact, was erected around 430 to.c.Here you can see the transition between what was a more archaic form to a form rather than not know the deity to whom the temple was dedicated.his name is due to the discovery nearby, to a Latin inscription.Become a Christian basilica in 1600 while returning to its origins in 1788.the temple of Juno Lacinia was or has been dated to around 450-440.c.30 columns remain of the ancient building, 16 of which still have the capital.Temple of Zeus (Jupiter) is a fascinating Olympic essentially Doric building with huge statues depicting male figures more than 7 meters tall, these telamons or atlases.its origin is due to the victory of the Carthaginians at Agrigento in Himera 480-479.Following this victory, to give thanks to Zeus, erected as required by the Greek tradition, a monument of victory among the most magnificent temple of the Dioscuri (Castor and Pollux) are still only 4 columns than the original 34 the temple of Asclepius ( Aesculapius) greeted the sick and infirm in need of care and advice.was a modest building with decor than other Doric temples.Temple of Hephaestus (volcano) is the last of the temples, dating from the late fifth is always the Doric but begins to feel the influence ionic.what remains of this building are just two truncated columns, the base (incomplete) and foundations.Valley temples Agrigento preserved in an exceptional visit the tomb of Theron, built in memory of the fallen of the Second Punic War.a few kilometers from Residence Sciacca For a holiday in Sicily between nature and culture

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Valley of the Temples in Agrigento Heritage Site since 1998

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