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For those seeking a destination for their summer vacation Santa Teresa Gallura offers a wide range of ingredients that will make your stay unforgettable. Charming seaside resort is located in the northern coast of Sardinia, a stretch of coast between nicest in the Gallura and the whole island. Overlooking the Straits of Bonifacio, a narrow Strait that separates the island from her twin, Corsica.

Historical notes

Formerly known as the Longosardo, today's Santa Teresa Gallura was already inhabited in prehistoric times. The first settlement dates back to the nuraghic period (4000 b.c.) of which still lie the remains in the archaeological site of Lu Brandali near the town, at Santa Reparata.

During the Roman period there were two settlements Longonis. A fishing village, located on the left bank of the current port, and Tibula which was the terminus of the consular road. During this time he was an important port for trade. It was from here that departed the boatloads of granite (of capo Testa) which was used for the construction of monuments and villas of Roman nobles (was also used for the construction of some of the columns of the Pantheon)

The importance of Longosardo grew during the 13th and 14th century until in 1420 the Genoese ordered the depopulation of the area that became a refuge of bandits and pirates for the next two centuries. To counter this problem during the 16th century the King of Spain Philip II ordered the construction of a military Tower (the Tower of Longosardo) but was the Commander Francesco Maria Magnon, at the beginning of 1800, who understood that to tackle the problem of smuggling had to repopulate the area. Then with the Royal Decree, on 12 August 1808 Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia started the Foundation of the country. It was the King himself to draw the plan of the country and decide on the name in honor of the patron saint of Queen Maria Theresa of Austria-Este.

Beaches and views

The country offers beautiful beaches with white sand and transparent waters with shallow. Among the most popular beaches, the beach of Rena Bianca, or the town beach (blue flag since 1987) a splendid Crescent of white sand with pink shades on the shore which is reflected on the turquoise and crystal clear. And then there is the beautiful beaches of Capo Testa, La Marmorata, La Licciola and many more (read more about beaches Click here).
And then great views on the coasts of Corsica with its white cliffs that plunge to the sea or the Islands and islets of the archipelago of La Maddalena

A must do

  • Don't miss the Cruise in the archipelago of La Maddalena on board the ships of the consortium of mouths. You will enjoy beautiful scenery and unspoilt stretches of water and enjoy a great lunch on Board (GLUTEN-FREE). Information and reservations at our office phone 0789 755660.
  • Free visits and guided tours to the archaeological site "Lu Brandali" and the Tower of Longosardo. Cooltour Gallura-SP-90 (signs for Loc. CAPO Testa)-Cell 349 8347698

    To visit in the country...

    If you wake up and the Sun hides, we advise you to go to the beach, often does not remain long without appearing.
    Alternatively you can enjoy a tour of the old town, where you can admire:
  • the Church of St Victor (close to the main square) was built in the mid-1800s with silver altar furnishings;
  • the small white Church of Santa Lucia, overlooking the fjord of the port;
  • the Church of our Lady of Buoncammino (located in the locality of the same name at 1 km from the town) a small country church built in the 17th century, surrounded by parkland in the shadow of an ancient pine forest;
  • The Aragonese Tower, symbol of the country, dominating the Rena Bianca Beach (for visiting see Cooltour);
  • the nuraghic archaeological site de Lu Brandali, near Baia Santa Reparata (for visiting see Cooltour).

    ...and around

    You can visit the small town of Aggius, with its houses and streets of granite, Luogosanto with its many churches.

    For walkers

    In Santa Teresa Gallura there are many paths that unfold in the promontory of Capo Testa (site of Community importance I. C.), where you can enjoy a varied and interesting flora, the majestic and fascinating granite rocks that wind and sea have shaped in the most varied forms.
    One of these leads to the impressive and famous Valley of Cala Grande, also known as Valley of the Moon.
    Even the solitary Lighthouse stands as a guide of boats passing in the sea of the Strait of Bonifacio is an excellent walk which allows with a little effort you can better appreciate the wild Sardinia. In truth the headlights are two, a more recent and the other now decommissioned. The new lighthouse, built in 1845, is a white building formed by a tower positioned above a square two-story structure.
    Lazy people can spend an entire day of relaxation at the Spa at the Marina and your children visiting the brand new and super colorful playground located at via Berlinguer (next to the post office).

    Events and Festivals

  • May 1-P.I.G. "Primomaggio in Gallura", gastronomic and musical festival. Two-day Festival with tastings of traditional dishes of Gallura, exhibition of local handicrafts and music.
  • May-tonnages and Cussogghj: traveling show on various aspects and peasant society.
  • June 24 feast of San Giovanni, with traditional fireworks in front of the Church of Santa Lucia.
  • July first weekend feast of San Tommaso Porto Pozzo. Tasting of typical products and music.
  • July-L'agliòla di Caresi, loc. Caresi. Re-enactment of threshing. Music and tasting of traditional food.
  • August first weekend-Festa di li pastors in Porto Pozzo. Music and tasting of typical products.
  • August 12-feast of the Foundation with which every year we remember the birth of the country.
  • August 14-Party of tourists in San Pasquale.
  • August/September-music on ports, international jazz music Festival.
  • September 2nd Sunday-feast of Santa Reparata at Buoncammino.


    Still today the inhabitants of Santa Teresa Gallura when referring to their country they call Lungoni and their defining Lungunesi.

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  • In brief

    Santa Teresa Gallura is a beautiful town situated in one of the most beautiful coastlines in Sardinia

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