Ardia di San Costantino

Ardia Sedilo Sardinia

Among the many festivals, religious or otherwise, which are held each year in Sardinia remember the 6 and July 7 l ' Ardia of Sedilo Famous and spectacular festival and involves hundreds of men on horseback who perform in a wild horse race in honor of Saint Constantine.The race commemorates the victory of the emperor and Christian martyr in the battle against Maxentius.

Main characters are thus dell'ardito horses and riders.
Sa first Pandeli is the head race, which is appointed by the pastor January 17 - the day of St..his name remains secret until May 15, day of the first official release of the three delivered to the head race yellow flag call "Sa Pandel madzore". Secunda knows and knows third Pandeli are instead drawn from the head race according to various criteria, usually a family relationship or friendship but by their ability to riders.these are delivered pandelas flags of blue and white. sas iscortas - Stocks - which represent Constantine and his army, and who have the task of preventing that other riders could exceed the Cap Corse. knights rather represent the pagans led by Maxentius dell'ardito route begins in front of the church where they are supplied to the pandelas.From here, the procession of the knights also accompanied by the pastor and the Mayor, to the "On front Mannu", Ie the junction with the road leading to the shrine which will start the race.after which the procession continues to "Lu frontigheddu" a very steep descent where riders will perform in a frantic race to reach the shrine.Hence the tension starts to get high.the pandelas should try to curb the other riders trying to move forward.the public anxiously awaits the moment when the first Pandel after waiting for the right moment sets in motion a spectacular race between the applause and cries of the of the most dangerous places to be addressed is at the end of the descent, a sharp curve at the end of which you must always go through at great speed, the arch of Saint Constantine A narrow entrance and extremely dangerous.come before the shrine knights, pitch, make 5 or 7 laps around the same.when the first Pandel launches it again for another race from the church to "Sa Muredda" a small roundabout with a cross in the center where you make any turns clockwise and the same in reverse and then back to the church and thus conclude Ardia.Ardia Sunday after a two horse race, in a festive atmosphere as you run exciting Ardia walk, Involving children, women and elderly people recommend to all those who spend Holidays In Sardinia to attend at least once a breathtaking spectacle.

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The Ardia of Sedilo spectacular race horse

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