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Sicily Sicilian cart

The Sicilian cart Is a symbol of Sicily It originated in the second half of the 800 different artisans at work: the carter , Which builds the cart, l ' carver who carves the ornaments, the turner The smith That forges the metal parts, "U 'usciularu" and finally painter which depicts the cart with bright colors like yellow, red, green, orange, gold and silver. generally the sides and the back door of the cart are adorned.

Different parts of the cart were obtained from different types of wood as the nut to the axle of the wheels and sides, beech, ash outfit.

The cart is driven generally by a mule, a donkey or a horse adorned with beautiful feathers, plumes, silver bells and golden ornaments, colorful fabrics, red fringes.carts are basically reducible four that different types distinguishable for some small details.for example the type Trapani has larger wheels than the other types and the type Catania generally has smaller.then remain, not yet mentioned, the type Palermo and in castelvetrano. Another distinctive variant concerns the theme of painted images: in Palermo and Catania were represented mainly the champions, in Trapani and its sacred images were preferred instead.Furthermore, in nearly all the wagons on the back door had painted a picture of a dog with a bone in his mouth and the word "croak envy".other frescoes representing scenes from history, chronicle, mythology, landscapes and symbols of Sicily.

Today Sicilian carts can be seen only in museums or in parades, at parties in the country or in shops that sell souvenirs, but they rarely see a full scale because now the teachers are very few craftsmen.

Beautiful souvenir as a memento of your Holiday in Sicily.

In brief

Sicilian cart on one of the symbols of Sicily, a colorful work of art by master craftsmen 6

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