Limbadi - Festival of the peasant

festival peasant Limbadi calabria

the peasant festival Born in 1987 from an idea by a local hairdresser who wanted to highlight the work of all those people, with sweat, toil and sacrifice, they did running the family.special thanks to generations of farmers past and present.opportunity to celebrate this holiday was that the feast day of St Pantaleon in which, together with the citizens of Limbadi was organized precisely the Day 1 of the peasant which featured many people from neighboring countries, migrants, tourists, all to taste the typical products Limbadesi: pipi arrustùti, suppressa and 'nduja, Patati pee and fried satìzzi arrustùti, accompanied by the excellent red wine and dancing till late.

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Since 1987 the festival of peasant with tasting of typical products

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