How to Book

OnLine by credit card or Bank Swift using the “Carta Si” secure server.

By telephone or email with the help of our operators.

OnLine you can save on the dealing costs, choose what you want when you want.
1) Check the availability and price by clicking on the "Online estimate" button on the page of your chosen holiday village.
2) Describe your family group.
3) Select your preferred solution from amongst our offers.
4) Pay the required deposit. You will pay the balance upon arrival in Puglia
5) The booking is done, Happy Holidays

Through our Operators

1) Call No. + 39018221456 in order to contact our bookings office (also open evenings and weekends) for more information or send an E-Mail in order to receive confirmation of availability. It is best if you consult the "CATALOGUE" featuring the various locations before contacting us, and perhaps read the "USEFUL TIPS" indicating each village's special features.
2) Download the "HOLIDAY HOME APPLICATION" form. If you need help filling in the form, call +39018221456.
3) After filling in the form, fax it to +39018221163 together with a copy of the credit transfer or another form of receipt indicating payment of the deposit.
4) Confirm that you have sent in the form and receipt by calling us or sending us an email.
5)The booking process is now complete.
All you have to do is wait for your deposit receipt, booked ferry tickets and voucher for presentation at our reception in Calabria.