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sant'efisio 353 ° feast cagliari May 1 to 4 sant'efisio is one of the most important folk festivals throughout the Sardinia. This event of extraordinary popular participation, balancing faith and devotion, folklore and tradition, it is celebrated with great emotional last a month, but the climax of the celebration is the May Day parade in which you have the opportunity to see gathered together all the costumes from the island.sant'efisio was an officer in the Roman army who converted to Christianity in 300 and sentenced to martyrdom by the Emperor Diocletian.Nora died in 303.
The saint, patron of Cagliari, has effectively supplanted in the hearts of people the first patron of Cagliari, San Saturno.the grand celebrations that take place in May in honor of the saint, rooted in the seventeenth century, when the Sardinia was hit by an epidemic of plague.In July 1652 the city of Cagliari, appealed to the holy city proteggesse's disease by expressing a vote by which it undertook to bestow an annual procession in his May 1657 was the first solemn procession to the dissolution of the vote: the image of the saint was carried to the church in Nora, accompanied by the city authorities and representatives of all countries liberated by the Alzheimer.his second miraculous intervention dates back to February of 1793 when the French fleet was besieging Cagliari with a dense bombardment.i Cagliari invoke their protector and popular militias headed by Jerome pitzolo repulsed the French disembarked on the beach of Quartu S.elena.the saint was given the title of "supreme commander of the fighters".
From 353 years, every year a procession of floats, knights, pilgrims and devotees accompany the statue of the saint martyr efisio from the church in the historic Stampace where the saint is kept up to Nora, a place of martyrdom.the grand parade is open from traccas, oxcarts festively decorated.follows the colorful parade of folk groups, in costume, from all over the island.behind the folk groups parade then the knights and the knights of the campidano militiamen, armed with musket and saber.behind them the alter NOS, or the civil authority, in tails and top hat, with a tricolor sash on the hips, the chaplain and members of the brotherhood of sant'efisio.Queued the chariot with the golden statue of the saint driven by a massive yoke of oxen decorated with flowers and colorful robes and led by at carters.the arrival of the coach with the simulacrum is announced by the sound of Via Roma, in front of the stage on which sit the authorities, the coach of the Saint proceeds on a carpet of petals (sa ramadura), hailed by the sirens of ships berthed at the port.Cagliari at the end of the parade the statue will continue its journey towards Nora followed by the faithful walk.religious celebrations then continue in the days following.


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the feast of sant'efisio to Cagliari every 353 years from 1 May

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