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tombs of the giants

the tombs of the giants are collective tombs, megalithic monuments that date back to civilization nuragica

Barumini - on Nuraxi

on Nuraxi is a real village nuragico become UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997


pontecagnano despite the name is found in Calabria and is the only island in southern language of Occitan

Sicilian cart

Sicilian cart on one of the symbols of Sicily, a colorful work of art by master craftsmen 6

Sicilian puppets

Sicilian puppets are a particular type of puppets are often Charlemagne and his paladins

Ardia di San Costantino

The Ardia of Sedilo spectacular race horse

sant'efisio - Cagliari

the feast of sant'efisio to Cagliari every 353 years from 1 May

The Sardinian Cavalcade

The ride is a Sardinian folk events taking place in Sassari the penultimate Sunday in May

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